Molly Badger

Through her growing up years in a small town in Idaho, the idea of teaching yoga never entered Molly's mind, instead she dreamed of becoming a pastry chef.  The year she turned nine she was thrilled to discover cake pans and decorating tools under the tree where a normal kid’s toys should be.  After graduated from culinary school in 2002 she assumed her future was pretty well mapped out, but after ten years spent in the company of chocolate and puff pastry, Molly was tired and unhealthy and wanting a change.  Yoga didn’t even drop onto the radar until she began working with a personal trainer and needed something to stretch out the muscle fatigue.  Molly considers herself fortunate to take classes from wonderful teachers who guided her practice and shared much more than stretching.  Over the course of a few years she stepped out of the bakery and onto the mat, enrolling in teacher training herself.  That full-soul dip into yoga, specifically the Ashtanga practice, changed Molly completely for the better and she tries to share that joy and enthusiasm and something more than ‘just stretching’ with each of her students.  There is so much learned in the practice that can’t help but spill over into the rest our lives: the simple act of wiping the slate clean with a Vinyasa reminds her that change is always possible, that joy can be found in the next breath, and that it isn’t about who we were or who we will be but who we are working to become right now.  

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