Prenatal Yoga at SYL

Welcome beautiful mommies to be! We are delighted to welcome you and your babies to our studio. Take a quick look at the following tips for your prenatal practice:

- Yoga is a great way to both stay fit and relax during your pregnancy. It may help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath. Sounds great, right? It is!

- Be sure to check with your doctor and get an OK before you start your practice. Once you have clearance, no matter how far along you are, you are free to bring that beautiful belly to your mat.

- Once you’re on the mat do what feels good for you and your baby. Pace yourself, feel free to take breaks, and do what you can. There is no right or wrong in your practice as long as you feel good.

- Stay cool and hydrated: wear comfy clothes and drink plenty of fluids before and throughout your practice. Bring a water bottle and feel free to fill it up here.

- Your instructor will guide you through your class safely: we avoid twists and other postures that could make you and your baby dizzy. Again, do what feels good for you.

- We currently offer prenatal classes at both of our locations. Please check the schedules prior to visiting the studio for class times and days as they are subject to change.  If those times don't suit your schedule feel free to try Slow Flow, Restorative or Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation classes. These classes are suitable for mommies to be as well.

- Questions or concerns? Ask your instructor! We are here for you.


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