Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at SYL

We aim to support teachers so they can empower women during the incredible stage of life that is pregnancy and early motherhood. Graduates of our training program will be prepared to support their students through each trimester of pregnancy and the postpartum period with yoga movement (asana), meditation, breathing, and Ayurvedic wisdom.
With the tools learned in this training, teachers will be able to create a healthy, nurturing environment in their classes where women can feel confident, supported, and relaxed.

* Anatomy and physiology of each stage of pregnancy and the postpartum period
* Modifications of classical asana for each stage of pregnancy
* Safe, healthy movement for pregnancy
* Using yoga to prepare for labor and birth
* Movement for mother and baby in the postpartum period
* Meditation, pranayama (breathing), and other yogic techniques for relaxation and well-being
* Understanding the important role of a prenatal yoga teacher as a part of a mother's health and support team
* Creating a nurturing environment for mothers
* Using the wisdom of yogic philosophy specifically for the needs of pregnant women

Thank you for your interest in the Southtown Yoga Loft Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program! 

Lead Trainers: TBD

2020 Dates:

Tuition: TBD


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