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We are a Vinyasa based yoga studio and try to offer classes for everyone, beginner to advanced and everything in between. In Vinyasa Yoga, we link breath to movement. This link is often referred to as a "moving meditation", almost a dance as we flow from pose to pose.

Classes can include Power Yoga, Strong Flow, Beginner Flow, and many others. Some classes may follow a specific set of poses or sequence each time, being more structured in their delivery and practice (Baptiste Power Yoga, Ashtanga Primary Series or Bikram Yoga as examples), while others are left to the discretion of the instructor teaching to decide how the class flows.


Check our schedule often as we do offer special classes: Deep Stretch, Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic, Yoga Nidra or Meditation, classes for Men, Athletes, Military & Veterans, Stress Management, Physical Injuries or Limitations, PTSD (post traumatic stress), TBI (terminal brain injury) and others.

(Please note, we currently  do not offer Prenatal, Mommy & Baby or Kids classes.)


Classes are held almost every day of the year, and can vary depending on location and time of the year. Be sure you check schedules for all locations when searching for classes.

Click below for class descriptions and schedules. We're looking forward to seeing you on your mat!

Live Streaming Classes are available too, practice from your home, at a friends or on the road. Click the live stream button below for more info.